Our History

We’ve come a long way from our earliest days, but quality and heritage are as important to us now as they were back then.​

How we started

Our roots are set in Dorchester where we remain today, although in a very different place to ‘The Dorset Maid’ chocolate shop where it all started on the High Street in 1963. Finding top notch chocolate to stock their shop proved so much more difficult than had been expected that our founders decided to make their own! A local lady trained in the fine art of hand tempering and fork dipping chocolates sat in the shop front making all the lovely, luxury chocolates by hand. She really was our ‘Dorset Maid’.

Word spread quickly and pretty soon a whole team of people were hand making chocolates above the shop for sale downstairs.

Over the years hotels, restaurants and all sorts of other businesses heard about our fine handmade chocolates and not just at home in the UK. The House of Dorchester name was introduced in 2002 – a proud moment for all the staff, but particularly for the many who had been with the company since the very early days. As the times move on there are many more who have taken part in the exciting journey from the original shop to our factory on the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury estate in Dorchester where we still finish many of our chocolates by hand for that extra little touch.


Today House of Dorchester makes a range of scrumptious chocolate products for some of the UK’s leading hotels, restaurants, shops and venues and are now enjoyed around the world.

What’s our secret? There isn’t one! We are just mindful of our heritage and remain true to our core values of quality, respect, provenance, service and design. Everything we do is with these in mind and that’s why our team of chocolatiers spend ages perfecting our recipes to make our delectable chocolates.